What clients say about Barbette's Healing Touch

"I have been a client of Barbette's for over 15 years. Although I have had massages in many fancy, more {much more} expensive resort spas, I have never received a better, more professional massage anywhere. Since Barbette started offering "Zero Balancing" I have been including a half hour session with each massage. Over the years I have been plagued by back spasms that required numerous visits to the chiropractor. Since receiving Zero Balancing, my only visits to a chiropractor have been for periodic pre-emptive "tuneups" and for the last 2 years I have not even done that. I would, and do, recommend Barbette to everyone."

Keith O.-Retired Businessman-Madison, WI.

“I have been a client of Barbette’s for 15 years. I met her at Kneaded Relief and followed her to her private practice. Over this time period I have enjoyed many of the modalities of bodywork that she offers. Currently I am involved with Zero Balancing. I have found it to be extremely beneficial to my entire body. Before Zero Balancing, I needed to go to my chiropractor monthly. Since Barbette started ZB I have not needed ANY chiropractic work.
Barbette listens to my concerns that I have before my treatment, and ALWAYS exceeds my expectations.”
K.O.- Retired Self employed Businesswoman- Madison, Wisconsin
“Winters in Madison can be dark, long, harsh and cold. One of the ways I deal with it is by receiving LaStone hot stone and oil treatment. Barbette’s creativity in setting the environment and her expertise in providing the treatment create an atmosphere where I can release pent up energy that I have to stave off winters’ effect. The heat penetrates like a good sauna or steam treatment; the oil lubricates the skin. The entire experience is revitalizing and I am ready to face the next few weeks of cold and snow.”
C.H. -I.T Manager- UW Wisconsin- Madison, Wisconsin
“I have been going to Barbette regularly for over 2 years. She has helped me tremendously with the chronic neck and back pain I have had for over 10 years. She uses Swedish massage, Zero Balancing and Japanese shiatsu. Barbette creates a wonderful environment in which to receive a massage. Her space is a warm and nurturing place. When I leave the session, I feel as if I have been on a mini-vacation! ”
M.C.-Artist- Computer Technician-Madison, Wisconsin
“I have received Barbette’s work for 15 years. Initially, I had Swedish massage for relaxation but as physical problems evolved, Barbette used a variety of techniques including Japanese shiatsu, trigger point release, cupping, and Zero balancing for pain relief. I am always impressed with Barbette’s intuitive ability to find the “trouble spots” and relieve them. In addition to her technical skills, she is a lovely caring person.
M.F.- Retired Speech Pathologist -Madison, Wisconsin
“On a regular basis, massage therapy is one of the best choices we can make to continue body mind, soul, wellness. Many years ago while still working at a stressful employment, massage therapy was key to keeping my neck and shoulder stress pain at a minimum. Now, as a retired person, I have increased the monthly sessions to 2 hours including Swedish massage (hot stones too), Cranio-Sacral therapy, and Zero Balancing. To me, this is not a luxury but an all- encompassing concept to keep my body and mind healthy.”
J.A.- Retired Family Court Office Manager- Madison, Wisconsin
“Not sure how or why it works, but I love the Zero Balancing. I started out with Swedish massage to work out several pinched nerves, but the Zero Balancing is actually helping me to get rid of some of the “bad vibes” in me that are causing the stress. When we are doing the Zero Balancing it feels as though my emotions, stress, and energy are streaming out of my body. I feel extreme pressure going out of my body through my hands. Z.B. helps me to feel more in tune with my thoughts, emotions, stress and life in general. Thanks Barbette for your extreme talents in helping me to feel better.”
R.B- Project Manager- Madison, Wisconsin
“I have had bodywork from Barbette for 13 years and tried a variety of the types of bodywork that she offers. I now have monthly Zero Balancing sessions and love this treatment the best. ZB keeps those nagging little aches and pains away (sore elbows, sore wrist, sore knees, tight lower back) and if they do come back they do not last. I feel relaxation take over during the treatment and the energy return after the treatment. I am glad that I found a type of bodywork that gives me such great results.”
G.S.-Nurse- Madison, Wisconsin
“I suffer from chronic foot pain due to flat feet and nothing relieves my discomfort like Barbette’s foot massage.
Barbette has relieved my tendinitis pain, as well as spasming neck and shoulder pain which precipitates a migraine, with a combination of gentle Swedish massage as well as deep tissue Shiatsu.”
H.L.M.-Retired Ophthalmic Assistant -Madison, Wisconsin

“After my bike accident my neck mobility was severely limited with considerable pain. Two years later, I have regained most of my neck mobility without pain. Much of this improvement is due to a regime of neck work from Barbette’s Healing Touch.”

C.S. - Retired Legislative Administrator- Madison, Wisconsin

“I love going to see Barbette for a massage. She always begins the session by asking me how I want to feel at the end of the session. And that is what she manages to accomplish, no matter what the issue. I always feel that I am in good hands with her and I recommend her to everyone.”
V.E.- Accountant- Madison, Wisconsin
“Through Barbette's skill and expertise, Zero Balancing becomes a transcendent bone massage.”
A.Z.-Attorney-Madison, Wisconsin