Zero Balancing

Barbette doing Zero BalanceZero Balancing, developed by Dr Fritz Smith in the early 1970's, is a wonderful compliment to soft tissue bodywork. “ZB” is a gentle technique using finger pressure (fulcrums) and traction to balance the relationship of body energy and body structure within the bones and tissues of the body. You are wearing loose-fitting clothes and are positioned on the table while I begin with a seated evaluation. After lying down on your back, I will work where you are holding tension, particularly tension held in the bones, joints and skeletal structure. I will also release the foundational areas of the body, including spine, hips, knees, feet and neck.

A typical session takes about 45 minutes and is deeply relaxing and energizing. When you get off the table you will feel taller, more aligned and feel an expansion of your energy field, due to the clearing of blocks in the body’s energy flow. If you have a chronic problem, we usually recommend 3 sessions to address your particular issue. For health maintenance I recommend Zero Balancing once a month. The sessions will build on top of each other. Your body feels stronger, your body and mind are less tense and stressed and you tend to make better decisions about your life as you feel an expanding flow of energy in the body.