About the Healing sessions

Barbette giving a massageMy work embodies a strong sense of intuition and respect for the body’s innate wisdom. I incorporate diverse techniques, resulting in a very creative and refreshing style that is nurturing, leaving you with the feeling of peace, tranquility and vibrant energy.

One of my favorite sessions to do is combining a variety of techniques in one session. I tailor the session according to your need, the day you are scheduled. If you do not have a strong feeling about what treatment you would like to receive, I use my experience and intuition to decide what modalities to use for the session.

I also incorporate Healing Stones to balance the 7 chakras which are like “energetic” computer discs or data banks that collect information and correspond to the 7 energy centers of the body along the spine from the base to the crown.. They are the keys to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. Ancient teachings describe a number of distinct bodies that make up each individual. The most important of these bodies are the physical, etheric, or aural and the soul. The chakras exist within this aural body.

The chakras are connected to the physical body by way of the ductless glands {the secretions that go directly into the bloodstream} and the nervous system. The Hindus called these energy centers “chakras” which literally means “wheels of fire”. Any blocks or restrictions to either reception or expression of this life energy will be expressed as disease, discomfort, and lack of energy, fear or an emotional imbalance.